Best case for Nintendo Switch in 2020

Best Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

While not an exciting topic, getting the best case for the Nintendo Switch is an important step. They keep your console safe and sound everywhere, and many allow you to personalize with many accessories, games, and chargers.

The question is, what is the best case for the Nintendo Switch that meets your needs? There are many options; you can have a case to protect the console you are in use, an alternative to carrying it to the left or both. We have put our favourites of each type below.

Best Travel Case for Nintendo Switch

Arcade Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch

If you want something small and compact to keep your Nintendo Switch, but one that also fits your backpack, this might be for you. This is just a case of your Switch that provides most of the items you want to carry. You can fit the Playstand Hori, Nintendo Switch, Pro Controller or JoyCons with grip, and some extra items in the case.

It is made from full-grain leather and durable ballistic nylon, which guarantees longevity and durability. The material is resistant to scratches and swelling, and it retains its appearance and aesthetic.

Multiplayer Pro Case for Nintendo Switch

What if you want to get together with friends and bring all your accessories to the Switch? You need a bigger case, right? So, this is the Multiplayer Pro for your Switch that lets you save a few extra components for the ultimate multiplayer experience. The case is compact and lightweight at just 1.5-lbs but can easily fit your entire Nintendo Switch suite.
The case has a layered covering body with a full-grain leather hand grip and game cardholder. The inside has a soft layer to prevent scratches and salt on your console and equipment, while the exterior has a YKK waterproof zipper and removable shoulder strap.

Amazon Basics Travel and Storage Case for Nintendo Switch

If security is your main concern when bringing your Nintendo Switch, then you can’t go wrong with this case from Amazon Basics. The case looks like a compact mini-bag that can protect your console when not in use. This case is handy and offers easy mobility.
It can comfortably accommodate Switch and dock consoles, HDMI cables with AC adapter, two joy-con controllers (or con controllers and joy-con handles), and gaming cartridges. Also, this internal foam liner provides extra protection from all kinds of bumps. It has a rubber handle with secure grip if you need to carry it yourself.

Nintendo Switch Case

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