Bidet Toilet Seat Review 2020 | What is a Bidet Toilet Seat

How to use a Bidet Toilet Seat

Some manufacturers view health issues as one of the main reasons for using a bidet toilet seat. We could not find any data suggesting that the bidets prevent urinary tract infection, and the researchers did not examine the medical reasons for washing the inside of the vagina (such as the front cleaning function on the bidet). Study shows that bidets can reduce pressure on the rectum – and therefore, can help reduce hemorrhoids and anal fissures. If you have anesthesia and can’t find the underlying cause, the bidet will help you avoid using toilet paper – which is added if you find that rubbing the area makes things worse. If you plan to use a bidet for medical reasons, consult your doctor about how to monitor your condition. Here we have a more detailed view of the health implications of bidets.

Before bringing a bidet into your life, it’s essential to search whether this toilet seat would benefit you or not, because some of our testers, after all, refused to install the bidets permanently.

How to Install Bidet Toilet Seat

First of all, the electric bidets are complete, as our choices, expensive, extensive, and need a socket, and they completely change your toilet seat. They also add connections to your waterways, and, when combined with the internal parts of the bidet, there are more chances of leakage. Also, as one tester said, “It’s just another electronic device in my house, and I don’t think I should sit on the toilet seat.”

Electric models also require a plug within 4 feet or more of the back of your toilet. So for a clean installation, you may need an electrician to add an outlet; this can increase your total cost by a hundred dollars. You can run extensions, but hiding them can be tricky. Even if you have a joint nearby, you should get used to the appearance of the cord coming from the back of your toilet and directly to the exit.


The design of the electric bidet chair also raises some functional problems. The strength of the bidet is at the back of the seat near the toilet tank, so the lid tends to slide (or kick) People can argue (like some of our testers) that bidets are ugly. And they tend to come in limited colors, so it’s not possible to get the perfect match with your bowl.

In addition to the aesthetics, the design of the bidet also generates functional problems. If you are the one who uses the toilet as a seat – perhaps when helping children to take a shower or when you cut your nails – the bidet will tilt slightly forward. We find it uncomfortable to use it as a seat for any occasion. Even with the cover, the chair tends to press us forward.

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