Jabra Elite 85h Bluetooth Headphones Review 2020

If you want to buy a set of premium noise-cancelling headphones, there are usually two brands you start with: Sony or Bose. If you’re happy or want to save money, you might want to throw Sennheiser into the mix as well. And if you want to save money, maybe Pantronics makes a cut, too. There is no shortage of options when it comes to headphones that eliminate noise, but there is not much reason to dare to go beyond a brand you already know and trust.

Regardless, the Jabra Elite 85h is Jabra’s attempt to test it with people who break the wireless noise headphones and remind themselves of a new alternative for those who want a set of premium cans that they can take with them wherever they go but don’t like what they set up. What brand it is. Well, this may sound a bit familiar, but Jabra bet that smarter headphones are better than dumber ones. And while Jabra has always bent cerebral to their audio hardware, their Jabra Elite 85h takes that quality to a whole new level.

jabra elite 85h review

What We Like About Jabra Elite 85h Headphones

From the plastic or copper material found in something of a competition, the Jabra Elite 85h opted for more quality.

The overall design of the frame is familiar in its flexibility. Still, the earcups in the Jabra Elite 85h come wrapped in a mesh-like fabric that gives it a very different factor to other options out there. And while I’m still not sure how the mesh fabric will be used for wear and tear in the long run, it will successfully set the Jabra Elite 85h apart from other options.

There’s always something to say differently. It may not always be better, but it’s still different. There is an endemic attraction to someone that no one else has, and that is hard to ignore.

However, I was surprised by the two Jabra 85h headphones that were supposed to be used and how well they sounded. Compared to the usual Sony WH-1000X M3 sound tin set, the Jabra Elite 85h is less noticeable and does not nullify the sound. However, to Jabra’s credit, not all headphones are nearly identical to the Sony WH-1000X M3s as the Elite 85h does.

jabra elite 85h


Headphones are not only well-designed – they are comfortable too. Thanks to the fact that the headphones have a lot of padding under the headband and in the ear cups.

The headphones are also lightweight, which always helps. Sure, it may not be as important as the headphones in the ear, but it comes down to playing for things like long-distance travel. We were able to wear headphones for a few hours without any discomfort. They are a bit hot at times, but again, not too much.


jabra elite 85h

Like other premium noise-cancelling headphones, the Jabra Elite 85h headphones look great. They have a sleek black and a plastic swap for a nice fabric that covers every ear cup. In the left ear cup, you will find a button to control the noise cancellation mode, to the right. You will find a centre and two volume control buttons, aux port to use headphones in wired mode, and USB-C Port. We are happy that Jabra includes USB-C ports and not MicroUSB ports here.

The control button on the right ear cup is slightly hidden, so you may not be able to see it right away. The middle button is located in the middle of the ear cup, while the volume control is located behind the small plastic bump in the ear cup.

The headphones themselves are pretty smart. For example, when you remove it, your audio will temporarily stop – while the reverse is true when you restart it.

Inside the box, there is a great selection of accessories – including USB-C charging cables, aux cables, and clamshell-style hard cases. There’s even a flight adapter – so you’ll get everything you need.

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Chef’s choice 15 trizor XV Review 2020 | Knife Sharpener Electric

Features of Chef’s choice 15 trizor XV

It is designed to sharpen most of the American, Europian, and Asian style knives. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV is a 3-level blade that certainly one of the top quality sharpeners. Before you hurry to buy this sharpener, let’s review the features, pros, and cons, as well as the most popular topics and solutions to help you make a great purchasing decision.

How Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Works

Chef’s Choice Trizor XV is a durable sharpener that sharps 20 degrees edge into a 15-degree blade. And it would be more like a 15-degree Japanese bar blade or a simple without a module.

The precision of this 3-stage electric blade meets the class and the three stable Trizor modules with a perfect and ultra-sharp 15˚ XV variant to sharpen decorative edges and serrated knives.

All of these are considered to be the result of the reintroduction of American and European style knives at an acute angle of 15 degrees.

Chef's choice 15 trizor XV

What is Trizor XV?

It produces explicitly a 15-degree three-bevel curved section that opposes a more durable than the “V” edge. And it provides a smooth edge without triple bevel. Trizor XV technology also improves the life of the knife.

To do this, it uses a 3-step curved edge, first up to about 25 degrees, then 22 degrees, and finally 15 degrees. This ensures that the blade is sharp for a more extended period, and the chances of many users will love it.

With continuous increases, the 3-step diamond cutter with an adjustable cutting blade sharpens the knives with a full alloy replacement. This section is one of the many types of chef’s choices you can find.

Trizor technology is very similar to the Sharp Work belt method, which gives the increased edge of a sharp knife. This method is trendy due to its sharpness and persistence.

How to Use The Sharpener

First, read the guide manual before using it. You can find some examples of how to manage the unit properly and safely, and tips to maximize the sharpening process.

Step 3 consists of a 100% solid brush with adjustable discs.

The first step allows you to sharpen the dull American and European style knives. Be prepared to start with a few taps on each level. Most of the metal is removed at this stage.

Repeat the same amount of stroke on level 2. This time, the second level is built on the blade.

Then go to the final step to polish and sharpen the blade. Finally, you will get a 15-degree well-polished knife.

Clean the knife and use it for tomatoes cutting. See and feel the difference.

You may need a little practice to optimize the sharpness, depending on the situation of the blade. Add or minimize the appropriate number of strokes.

If you have a Japanese knife, go to level 1 and start with level 2. And for a serrated knife, going to level 3 will do the trick.

Chef's choice 15 trizor XV

It is Just More than Grinding

For getting a smooth and clean edge distributing hair sharpness, it has more to do with just blinding the blade.

High accuracy and flexible spring guidelines are built to provide precise control over the refinement/sharpening during the sharpening process. It achieved this by maintaining a pressure point even for three levels. The blade has no chance of slipping, resulting in a sharp knife.

Many brands can’t even match this technology. The American Kitchen Test performed this test and saw all the sharp knives under a powerful microscope, many with rough edges.

Only the knife sharpened by the Trizor XV sharpener comes out smooth and sharp. ATK certifies it as the best electric knife sharpener in its razor test.

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Logitech m720 Wireless Mouse Review 2020

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Bidet Toilet Seat Review 2020 | What is a Bidet Toilet Seat

How to use a Bidet Toilet Seat

Some manufacturers view health issues as one of the main reasons for using a bidet toilet seat. We could not find any data suggesting that the bidets prevent urinary tract infection, and the researchers did not examine the medical reasons for washing the inside of the vagina (such as the front cleaning function on the bidet). Study shows that bidets can reduce pressure on the rectum – and therefore, can help reduce hemorrhoids and anal fissures. If you have anesthesia and can’t find the underlying cause, the bidet will help you avoid using toilet paper – which is added if you find that rubbing the area makes things worse. If you plan to use a bidet for medical reasons, consult your doctor about how to monitor your condition. Here we have a more detailed view of the health implications of bidets.

Before bringing a bidet into your life, it’s essential to search whether this toilet seat would benefit you or not, because some of our testers, after all, refused to install the bidets permanently.

How to Install Bidet Toilet Seat

First of all, the electric bidets are complete, as our choices, expensive, extensive, and need a socket, and they completely change your toilet seat. They also add connections to your waterways, and, when combined with the internal parts of the bidet, there are more chances of leakage. Also, as one tester said, “It’s just another electronic device in my house, and I don’t think I should sit on the toilet seat.”

Electric models also require a plug within 4 feet or more of the back of your toilet. So for a clean installation, you may need an electrician to add an outlet; this can increase your total cost by a hundred dollars. You can run extensions, but hiding them can be tricky. Even if you have a joint nearby, you should get used to the appearance of the cord coming from the back of your toilet and directly to the exit.


The design of the electric bidet chair also raises some functional problems. The strength of the bidet is at the back of the seat near the toilet tank, so the lid tends to slide (or kick) People can argue (like some of our testers) that bidets are ugly. And they tend to come in limited colors, so it’s not possible to get the perfect match with your bowl.

In addition to the aesthetics, the design of the bidet also generates functional problems. If you are the one who uses the toilet as a seat – perhaps when helping children to take a shower or when you cut your nails – the bidet will tilt slightly forward. We find it uncomfortable to use it as a seat for any occasion. Even with the cover, the chair tends to press us forward.

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Best case for Nintendo Switch in 2020

Best Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

While not an exciting topic, getting the best case for the Nintendo Switch is an important step. They keep your console safe and sound everywhere, and many allow you to personalize with many accessories, games, and chargers.

The question is, what is the best case for the Nintendo Switch that meets your needs? There are many options; you can have a case to protect the console you are in use, an alternative to carrying it to the left or both. We have put our favourites of each type below.

Best Travel Case for Nintendo Switch

Arcade Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch

If you want something small and compact to keep your Nintendo Switch, but one that also fits your backpack, this might be for you. This is just a case of your Switch that provides most of the items you want to carry. You can fit the Playstand Hori, Nintendo Switch, Pro Controller or JoyCons with grip, and some extra items in the case.

It is made from full-grain leather and durable ballistic nylon, which guarantees longevity and durability. The material is resistant to scratches and swelling, and it retains its appearance and aesthetic.

Multiplayer Pro Case for Nintendo Switch

What if you want to get together with friends and bring all your accessories to the Switch? You need a bigger case, right? So, this is the Multiplayer Pro for your Switch that lets you save a few extra components for the ultimate multiplayer experience. The case is compact and lightweight at just 1.5-lbs but can easily fit your entire Nintendo Switch suite.
The case has a layered covering body with a full-grain leather hand grip and game cardholder. The inside has a soft layer to prevent scratches and salt on your console and equipment, while the exterior has a YKK waterproof zipper and removable shoulder strap.

Amazon Basics Travel and Storage Case for Nintendo Switch

If security is your main concern when bringing your Nintendo Switch, then you can’t go wrong with this case from Amazon Basics. The case looks like a compact mini-bag that can protect your console when not in use. This case is handy and offers easy mobility.
It can comfortably accommodate Switch and dock consoles, HDMI cables with AC adapter, two joy-con controllers (or con controllers and joy-con handles), and gaming cartridges. Also, this internal foam liner provides extra protection from all kinds of bumps. It has a rubber handle with secure grip if you need to carry it yourself.

Nintendo Switch Case

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Vizio Mseries Quantum 55” 4K HDR Smart TV – Review 2020

For Smart Viewable Experience

Vizio continues to impress year after year with its cheaper 4K TV network. This article reviewed the 2019 Vizio M-Series Quantum 65-inch HDR Smart TV 4R (model M658-G1) which is now $ 749.99. However, television buyers need to know about two other 65-inch Vizio M-Series Quiz TVs (models M657-G0 and M656-G4). Each has a slightly changed specification with a price reduction of $ 50 or $ 100.

The SmartCast Vizio TV interface facilitates a complex network of streaming options. While providing access to the basic app like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, and many more, it also provides the streaming facility. If that’s not enough, more Chromecast or AirPlay 2 smartphone apps can be cast (mirrored) to the TV – even those that don’t appear in the SmartCast TV menu, such as Disney + and Apple TV + (subscription required). Just open it on your iPhone or mobile device and tap the corresponding icon for Chromecast or AirPlay to transfer the video to your TV.

Better Picture Quality

Finally, let’s dive into the tested TV, the M658-G1 model, also known as the M8 for simplicity. Since reviewing the M8’s predecessor, the E-Series 2018 (now discontinued), I’ve been curious to see how much technology is worth a year. Faster, brighter, and crisper are just a few ways to explain the M8’s progress. The quality of the picture improves over what we have come to appreciate. Scenes with fast movement are cleared, with little clarity. That makes watching sports, like football and tennis more fun to the eye. The black level gets a little deeper too, thanks to 90 local LED dimming zones that adjust the backlight perfectly to match what’s on the screen. So the darker scenes in the movie are detailed.

It Has Quantum Color Technology

The 2019 M Series debuts Color Quantum technology for better colour saturation beyond current HDR full-colour capabilities, with room to grow for future content. The M8 can provide more than P3 colour, up to 80% of Rec. 2020 standard. Also, Vizio has more colour features that come with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG as well. In the end, buyers just need to know the video appears more realistic and vibrant than the TV of the same competitor.

Sound Improvements

Sound quality from a TV speaker is sufficient for general viewing. However, it won’t hurt to get a soundbar, especially to watch movies. Vizio soundbars are also usually cheap, especially if you see a sale. Or shop great on the Dolby Atmos SB46514-F6 Vizio soundbar system.

Final Verdict

The Vizio M8, at $ 749, is well-priced for a reasonably priced, and it doesn’t seem to compare to the more expensive TVs. Vizio’s always up to Q-Series P-Series 65-inch 4K TV is also considered. Either the P659-G1 is currently selling at $ 899 or the P-Series Quantum X (PX65-G1) is priced at $ 1,269. After not comparing them all together, it’s hard to say how much you notice the difference. With Vizio’s regular software updates, ease of use, and star picture quality, any of them looks like a safe investment.

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Logitech m720 Wireless Mouse Review 2020

Logitech m720 Triathlon multi-device Wireless Mouse

The Logitech M720 is a multi-device mouse, wireless and uses Bluetooth or USB to connect with other devices. You can use a USB dongle to communicate with various devices such as laptops, computers and even your Android device.

The Logitech M720 is a standard wireless mouse with a dark gray case that gives it a soft touch. You can’t use it with your left hand because it’s designed for the right users. But don’t be upset if you can use your left hand easily then you can handle it smoothly.

In the upper left, you will see the buttons where your thumb is placed on the mouse. You can perform the front function with the front button.
The middle button lets you return, and the back button lets you switch between the three connected devices.

Scroll Wheel

An article about the Logitech M720 Triathlon shows that the scroll wheel is located between the left and right select mouse buttons. You will feel less and less as you rotate the scroll wheel. By pressing the button behind the scroll wheel, the mouse wheel rotates fast but smoothly.


You can check the number that is on and shown above the switch button the device is connecting to. After setting up your Logitech M720, you can connect your device. The right side of the mouse has no buttons and is just plain. The back of the mouse can easily fit into the palm of your hand.


The Logitech M720 Triathlon study also focuses on mouse battery options. If you check the bottom of the mouse, you can see the power switch and the slot for the battery. It has a very reliable battery life and can last up to 2 years with a single AA battery. The additional point is that you will get a battery with the mouse.

USB Dongle

You will also get a USB dongle in the battery slot. It doesn’t matter if you connect a Logitech M720 via Bluetooth or a USB dongle, both work great. When you pair it with a MacBook Pro, a Dell laptop and a Nexus 6P Android Smartphone, it works perfectly.

Connecting with Android

When you connect your Logitech M720 with your Android, you will see a cursor move on your Android screen when you are working on a full-screen computer. In other words, your Android Smartphone turns into a small computer if you pair your mouse and keyboard with it.

Improved Performance

Well, you love the Logitech Triathlon M720 as it covers all aspects of the mouse. Most people are fans of the Logitech M720 Triathlon because of its unique features. You can see the navigation buttons and the programmable buttons in the redesigned finger rest for easy click. The Logitech M720 Triathlon study has shown two things that stand out for better performance, wheels, and connectivity. When starting with a wheel, each mouse works the same way. The mouse wheel and the excellent mouse wheel have a variety between them.

The Logitech M720 wheels are perfect. When you use the scroll wheel, it’s compact enough that you’ll feel every click is the same. You won’t find anywhere your Triathlon hangs or stops working. Clicking isn’t difficult; it’s the best.

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Panasonic Lumix dc-zs200 Digital Camera Review 2020

The Panasonic ZS200 has some changes, including a 24-360mm built-in lens, compared to the 25-250mm zoom lens found in the ZS100. Other improvements are also available, but most of the camera’s features remain unchanged, including a 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor and 4K UHD video recording.

In the end, despite the differences between the ZS200 and the ZS100, the ZS200’s predecessor was its main rival. Many other 1-inch compact cameras, such as the Sony RX100 and Canon G7X Mark II series, do not have the same zoom level as the ZS100 or ZS200. The ZS100’s largest comparable depth has been strengthened with the new lens in the ZS200. However, that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. Take a look at the pros and cons of the new ZS200.

How to Manually Focus Panasonic Lumix Dc-zs200

It’s lens fitted with a 24-360mm focal length lens that can handle a wide range of situations. In the video department, the High-Speed mode allowed the ZS200 to record Full HD 120 fps and playback at 30 fps, resulting in the fast slow-motion video. Also available is 4K Photo Mode, which utilizes the camera’s video capabilities to generate 8 M.P. images at 30 fps. Normal burst shooting at higher resolutions can reach 10 fps in AF-S and 6 fps in AF-C, thanks to a deep-from-defocus (DFD) focusing system. Finally, the 5-axis Horizontal O.I.S. Horizontal image stabilization system comes in all modes except for 4K and high-speed video recording and helps minimize the appearance of camera shake for sharper imaging.

Key Features of Panasonic Lumix zs200

  • 24-360mm built-in Lenz
  • Compact travel zoom
  • 4K UHD video recording up to 30 frames per second
  • 20.1-megapixel type 1-inch image sensor
  • 3-inch touchscreen LCD monitor
  • Built-in electronic viewfinder
  • 4K Photo
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in
  • Prices are just under the U.S. $ 800


Design Of the Camera

The ZS200 has an entirely different design than the ZS100. The style has changed, and the camera is more economical, thanks mainly to the front grip. Plus, the ZS200 comes with a larger electronic viewfinder, which I find works well in real-world use.

Although the packaging contains the 24-360mm lens, when the camera is turned off, it remains compact. It’s thick enough that it may not fit in your pants pocket, but it will easily slip into a pocket. It is well built with a different color of “silver” that is slightly different versions of gray, which is not very elegant, in my opinion, but does not affect the overall feel of the camera. (The ZS200 is also available in black.)

Camera Image Quality

The ZS200 has a 1-inch Type 20.1-megapixel High Sensitivity sensor, similar to that found in the ZS100. The original ISO range is 125 – 12,800, and it can be extended to ISO 80 – 25,600. Look at the closer image quality that the ZS200 produces.

High ISO

At higher ISOs, the ZS200 performs a broader noise reduction to try to neutralize the increased noise from the sensors. This noise reduction creates a digital, tainted look. In the image, we can see that the fine details of the brickwork are almost entirely gone, and the subtle tonal variations in the leaves, which are what separates the leaves and edges, are significantly reduced. Indeed, the ISO 3200 is a very high sensitivity for the 1 “type of sensor, but still, it is worth seeing the ISO 3200 given the slow lens built-in.


Here is our review about the two best phones available in the market

Motorola Moto G6 review 2020

Google Pixel 3 Xl Review 2020

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Motorola Moto G6 review 2020

Perfect Phone for your Budget

It’s Motorola’s season in the smartphone world. At the time we were compiling this article, various devices splashed into various pockets of the world. What’s more, another new model appears behind the curtain in the form of Z3. Today, we talked about Moto G6.

We’re big fans of Motorola, and always appreciate it when it comes to delivering new phones. To begin with, we love the way it left Android almost untouched. Also, we like the price range of the device.

Interestingly, the phone says “Motorola” on it where previously it is known as “Moto.” for now, it looks like a new vision while not turning from its predecessor. The G6 resembles its predecessor with a little “newness” in the process.

Design of Moto G6

For lower price demanding users, AKA Moto G6 target demographic, the hardware is sufficient. We may say that there is no reason why this package will not last for two years for its user base.

Priced only $ 250 at launch (currently only $ 230), the phone has a more expensive device look. We may still be practiced to think that this price tag means construction materials or cheap plastic. Regardless, we love the look and feel of the Moto G6.

As it relates to layout and development, it’s just like anything else from Motorola’s camps these days. And it’s not all that ambitious or different from competitors. On the right side (facing the screen) phone has the volume button, and below it, the power button.

Search with your thumb, and you can slide up the smidge to get a volume rocker. All buttons respond very well to the touch, providing strong feedback. It’s pretty clear about whether or not you press them.

You won’t find anything on the left side of the phone. Above are the SIM card and the microSD card tray while the USB Type-C charging port and 3.5mm headphone jack go down the edge.

You will find a hardware button at the bottom of the screen. This works as a fingerprint sensor but also for various functions across Android. It can be used for back, menu, and home.  It is an excellent alternative to the standard navigation used for the platform. If it’s your first time using Android, it’s easy to learn; For experienced owners, it’s easy to learn but sometimes awkward.

Around the back is, there is a dual-camera configuration nestled in the top center of the phone. Below is the stylish Motorola logo. It is printed to the finish line and does not have any edge or texture.


A low priced phone for sure, Snapdragon 450 processor comes with 3GB of RAM. It is is an acceptable memory and processor for daily tasks – as long as you are not looking for high speed and benchmark numbers.

Does this mean the Moto G6 is slow? For most users, that’s not possible. More heavy applications, flash games, or larger files may delay performance, but everyday stuff is fine.

As we tend to use luxury and premium devices as our daily drivers, we see the slow performance. Not always, but often we refuse to throw our full applications and regular games there and go out the door.

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Google Pixel 3 Xl Review 2020

With the Pixel line, Google truly brings Android to the iPhone.

Now here is this more evident than the Android Pie on the new Pixel 3. The new Android felt it was losing touch with its roots, going further and further down the road fully proven to be successful for Apple. “It only works” applies the Pixel 3 as quickly as the iPhone.

Controlling the hardware and software stack allowed Google to create something its Android partner couldn’t do: a real challenge to the iPhone.


Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 are probably the best smartphones Google has ever produced. Where the Pixel hardware was garbage and the Pixel 2 hardware looks dated even at launch, the Pixel 3 looks more like a new product.

The phone is still heavily integrated with the Pixel DNA, with two-tone lenses, a single camera lens, and a known but delicate design. The transition to the rear glass is excellent, with gentle touch treatment under the Gorilla Glass 5 screen. Wireless charging is now available, and fingerprints are not a problem. Gorilla Glass 5 also features a display.

By placing Pixel 3 next to the iPhone XS, you can not choose between them. An incredible screen of 3 pixels. Google has reinforced its complaints following complaints about the natural vision of mobile phones last year, and we think it’s better. Also, note that you can enter the demo settings and change to a more “natural” color profile.
Play in the dark, watch movies on the train or read on park benches – whatever you do, it’s fantastic and automatically adapts to the environment.

Feels Like a PremiumPhone

The block edges from the Pixel 2 phone left, replaced by a round aluminum rail. Pixel 3 is five grams heavier as compared to Pixel 2, and this year’s XL model scales nine grams more than last year’s version. Despite losing weight, the new phone design feels more premium than the previous Pixels.

The single SIM tray now stays at the bottom of the phone, next to the USB Type-C charging port. Power Delivery 2.0 and USB 3.0 also supported. On the right side, you will see volume and power buttons, both of which are colored accents on all but the black Pixel. There is nothing else on the side that prevents a pinhole from sliding over. Active Edge is coming back, so you can press Pixel 3 to call Google Assistant. The haptics on the Pixel 3 is also popular, right there with the iPhone. In terms of color choices, you have Clear White, Just Black, and Not Pink.


That view may be the most controversial aspect of the new Pixel phone, with the larger Pixel XL displaying the highest position ever made. It’s big, vicious, and annoying. 

If the presence of the notch means you won’t buy the phone, you’ll be happy to know the smaller Pixel 3 doesn’t have this. In addition to the smaller screen and battery, the smaller Pixel 3 is the same as, the larger 3 XL.


You’ll find the speakers in front of the stereo on both phones. On Pixel 3 XL, they are different sizes, but on Pixel 3, they are the same. Speakers under the display are more powerful, which makes the stereo audio experience a bit cluttered. The speakers are powerful, but the audio is flat, low on the low end, and still lying at higher frequencies. Like most smartphones, I would not recommend maximizing them if you love music.

When smartphone speakers go, they can be used well but far from the best. The back of the phone vibrates while playing music. Even though they are loud in a quiet room, don’t expect to hear them clearly in a crowded area. They are less tinny than the Pixel 2 speakers, at least.

The USB-C wired Pixel Buds provide a better audio experience. Google doesn’t have the practice of tying the earphones with their phones, so this is a big problem for that reason. They are a silly version of the Pixel Buds wireless with earpiece controls replaced by far online. But they are still a good headphone and above average for bundled earphones. The method of installation with expandable loops is reliable, but they get a little uncomfortable if you wear them for a long time.

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MSI GL63 8SE-209 Review 2020

Are you looking for a gaming laptop? Do you want a good gaming laptop that meets your budget? Then you are in the right place. The MSI GL63 8SE-209 is a luxury gaming laptop that comes with an affordable price. If you’re sa keen gamer, then this laptop is something to keep in mind.

In this MSI GL63 8SE-209 review, we find that it comes with neat and promising specification to replace your old gaming laptop. With excellent specifications on paper, the MSI GL63 8SE-209 model is a clear hero. But what is good in real? Is your money worth it? Let’s find something out.


One of the exciting parts of the new MSI GL63 8SE-209 model is design. It comes in black with stylish design and can be easily seen by anyone . You can find red color all over the computer, and they look great for gaming laptops. MSI calls the back of the laptop a dragon’s backbone design, but we’re not sure about it.

The quality of a laptop is not solid. Although the material used is non-metallic, it is still solid and gives you confidence that it will take time. You won’t find any haze when you try to bend a laptop, and that’s a good sign.

The cooling system here consists of 2 fans with 31 blades each. There are four exits on the laptop that let the hot air out. 7 heat pipes help in the cooling process. This cooler cooling 5 cooler is quite useful and helps keep the temperature in the optimum range even if you play some heavy games.

The keyboard needs a special mention. The key is good to type and comes with a neat main drive. The keys come with a background and have a key edge that lights up. If you are a digit user, you will find a unique number that is very useful. The touchpad is also very responsive and captures your movement and gestures precisely.

MSI GL63 8SE-209 Specifications


The MSI GL63 8SE-209 has a 15.6 “screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. It’s full HD resolution, and for this size screen, it delivers good pixel density that leads to sharper images and text. The display comes with 94% coverage protection. NTSC color and 100% sRGB color gamut.

When it comes to picture quality, it works well. You can see a perfect color on the screen with a good shot. This screen is perfect for media use, and you can enjoy watching movies and tv shows here. The display is also anti-glare, so you won’t see your reflection when the screen turns black between episode changes.

The laptop’s sound output is impressive. This is one of the finest laptops out there, and we say it in the right way. The laptop can be very powerful and can fill simple sized rooms with no problems. Even at high volume, you don’t hear a lot of distractions, which is a good sign for media use.


The MSI GL63 8SE-209 comes with an Intel Core i5 8300H processor. This is an 8 gen chip with 4 cores and a basic clock speed of 2.3GHz. With the help of a turbo boost, the processor can give you more power at a maximum speed of 4.0GHz. Although this is an average processor, it has successfully benchmarked the test and achieved a CPUMark score of 9492.

Laptops are great for everyday activities. You can browse all the websites you want, listen to your favorite music, watch all your movies and tv shows, and even work in some offices without the hassle. This laptop is good enough to handle some hungry processor applications as well.

This laptop comes with 16 types of DDR4 memory that stole this price point. DDR4 memory is much better in terms of speed than its predecessor and offers better performance. You can do all kinds of laptops, and there won’t be any performance issues. You can also upgrade your memory later in the future.

The 256GB NVMe solid-state drive is effective for storage. The choice of using SSD is good, but there are clear complaints about the volume of storage here. However, having an SSD completely changes the way you work. Everything you do on this laptop is faster because of SSD performance.

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