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Features of Chef’s choice 15 trizor XV

It is designed to sharpen most of the American, Europian, and Asian style knives. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV is a 3-level blade that certainly one of the top quality sharpeners. Before you hurry to buy this sharpener, let’s review the features, pros, and cons, as well as the most popular topics and solutions to help you make a great purchasing decision.

How Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Works

Chef’s Choice Trizor XV is a durable sharpener that sharps 20 degrees edge into a 15-degree blade. And it would be more like a 15-degree Japanese bar blade or a simple without a module.

The precision of this 3-stage electric blade meets the class and the three stable Trizor modules with a perfect and ultra-sharp 15˚ XV variant to sharpen decorative edges and serrated knives.

All of these are considered to be the result of the reintroduction of American and European style knives at an acute angle of 15 degrees.

Chef's choice 15 trizor XV

What is Trizor XV?

It produces explicitly a 15-degree three-bevel curved section that opposes a more durable than the “V” edge. And it provides a smooth edge without triple bevel. Trizor XV technology also improves the life of the knife.

To do this, it uses a 3-step curved edge, first up to about 25 degrees, then 22 degrees, and finally 15 degrees. This ensures that the blade is sharp for a more extended period, and the chances of many users will love it.

With continuous increases, the 3-step diamond cutter with an adjustable cutting blade sharpens the knives with a full alloy replacement. This section is one of the many types of chef’s choices you can find.

Trizor technology is very similar to the Sharp Work belt method, which gives the increased edge of a sharp knife. This method is trendy due to its sharpness and persistence.

How to Use The Sharpener

First, read the guide manual before using it. You can find some examples of how to manage the unit properly and safely, and tips to maximize the sharpening process.

Step 3 consists of a 100% solid brush with adjustable discs.

The first step allows you to sharpen the dull American and European style knives. Be prepared to start with a few taps on each level. Most of the metal is removed at this stage.

Repeat the same amount of stroke on level 2. This time, the second level is built on the blade.

Then go to the final step to polish and sharpen the blade. Finally, you will get a 15-degree well-polished knife.

Clean the knife and use it for tomatoes cutting. See and feel the difference.

You may need a little practice to optimize the sharpness, depending on the situation of the blade. Add or minimize the appropriate number of strokes.

If you have a Japanese knife, go to level 1 and start with level 2. And for a serrated knife, going to level 3 will do the trick.

Chef's choice 15 trizor XV

It is Just More than Grinding

For getting a smooth and clean edge distributing hair sharpness, it has more to do with just blinding the blade.

High accuracy and flexible spring guidelines are built to provide precise control over the refinement/sharpening during the sharpening process. It achieved this by maintaining a pressure point even for three levels. The blade has no chance of slipping, resulting in a sharp knife.

Many brands can’t even match this technology. The American Kitchen Test performed this test and saw all the sharp knives under a powerful microscope, many with rough edges.

Only the knife sharpened by the Trizor XV sharpener comes out smooth and sharp. ATK certifies it as the best electric knife sharpener in its razor test.

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