Motorola Moto G6 review 2020

Perfect Phone for your Budget

It’s Motorola’s season in the smartphone world. At the time we were compiling this article, various devices splashed into various pockets of the world. What’s more, another new model appears behind the curtain in the form of Z3. Today, we talked about Moto G6.

We’re big fans of Motorola, and always appreciate it when it comes to delivering new phones. To begin with, we love the way it left Android almost untouched. Also, we like the price range of the device.

Interestingly, the phone says “Motorola” on it where previously it is known as “Moto.” for now, it looks like a new vision while not turning from its predecessor. The G6 resembles its predecessor with a little “newness” in the process.

Design of Moto G6

For lower price demanding users, AKA Moto G6 target demographic, the hardware is sufficient. We may say that there is no reason why this package will not last for two years for its user base.

Priced only $ 250 at launch (currently only $ 230), the phone has a more expensive device look. We may still be practiced to think that this price tag means construction materials or cheap plastic. Regardless, we love the look and feel of the Moto G6.

As it relates to layout and development, it’s just like anything else from Motorola’s camps these days. And it’s not all that ambitious or different from competitors. On the right side (facing the screen) phone has the volume button, and below it, the power button.

Search with your thumb, and you can slide up the smidge to get a volume rocker. All buttons respond very well to the touch, providing strong feedback. It’s pretty clear about whether or not you press them.

You won’t find anything on the left side of the phone. Above are the SIM card and the microSD card tray while the USB Type-C charging port and 3.5mm headphone jack go down the edge.

You will find a hardware button at the bottom of the screen. This works as a fingerprint sensor but also for various functions across Android. It can be used for back, menu, and home.  It is an excellent alternative to the standard navigation used for the platform. If it’s your first time using Android, it’s easy to learn; For experienced owners, it’s easy to learn but sometimes awkward.

Around the back is, there is a dual-camera configuration nestled in the top center of the phone. Below is the stylish Motorola logo. It is printed to the finish line and does not have any edge or texture.


A low priced phone for sure, Snapdragon 450 processor comes with 3GB of RAM. It is is an acceptable memory and processor for daily tasks – as long as you are not looking for high speed and benchmark numbers.

Does this mean the Moto G6 is slow? For most users, that’s not possible. More heavy applications, flash games, or larger files may delay performance, but everyday stuff is fine.

As we tend to use luxury and premium devices as our daily drivers, we see the slow performance. Not always, but often we refuse to throw our full applications and regular games there and go out the door.

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