MSI GL63 8SE-209 Review 2020

Are you looking for a gaming laptop? Do you want a good gaming laptop that meets your budget? Then you are in the right place. The MSI GL63 8SE-209 is a luxury gaming laptop that comes with an affordable price. If you’re sa keen gamer, then this laptop is something to keep in mind.

In this MSI GL63 8SE-209 review, we find that it comes with neat and promising specification to replace your old gaming laptop. With excellent specifications on paper, the MSI GL63 8SE-209 model is a clear hero. But what is good in real? Is your money worth it? Let’s find something out.


One of the exciting parts of the new MSI GL63 8SE-209 model is design. It comes in black with stylish design and can be easily seen by anyone . You can find red color all over the computer, and they look great for gaming laptops. MSI calls the back of the laptop a dragon’s backbone design, but we’re not sure about it.

The quality of a laptop is not solid. Although the material used is non-metallic, it is still solid and gives you confidence that it will take time. You won’t find any haze when you try to bend a laptop, and that’s a good sign.

The cooling system here consists of 2 fans with 31 blades each. There are four exits on the laptop that let the hot air out. 7 heat pipes help in the cooling process. This cooler cooling 5 cooler is quite useful and helps keep the temperature in the optimum range even if you play some heavy games.

The keyboard needs a special mention. The key is good to type and comes with a neat main drive. The keys come with a background and have a key edge that lights up. If you are a digit user, you will find a unique number that is very useful. The touchpad is also very responsive and captures your movement and gestures precisely.

MSI GL63 8SE-209 Specifications


The MSI GL63 8SE-209 has a 15.6 “screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. It’s full HD resolution, and for this size screen, it delivers good pixel density that leads to sharper images and text. The display comes with 94% coverage protection. NTSC color and 100% sRGB color gamut.

When it comes to picture quality, it works well. You can see a perfect color on the screen with a good shot. This screen is perfect for media use, and you can enjoy watching movies and tv shows here. The display is also anti-glare, so you won’t see your reflection when the screen turns black between episode changes.

The laptop’s sound output is impressive. This is one of the finest laptops out there, and we say it in the right way. The laptop can be very powerful and can fill simple sized rooms with no problems. Even at high volume, you don’t hear a lot of distractions, which is a good sign for media use.


The MSI GL63 8SE-209 comes with an Intel Core i5 8300H processor. This is an 8 gen chip with 4 cores and a basic clock speed of 2.3GHz. With the help of a turbo boost, the processor can give you more power at a maximum speed of 4.0GHz. Although this is an average processor, it has successfully benchmarked the test and achieved a CPUMark score of 9492.

Laptops are great for everyday activities. You can browse all the websites you want, listen to your favorite music, watch all your movies and tv shows, and even work in some offices without the hassle. This laptop is good enough to handle some hungry processor applications as well.

This laptop comes with 16 types of DDR4 memory that stole this price point. DDR4 memory is much better in terms of speed than its predecessor and offers better performance. You can do all kinds of laptops, and there won’t be any performance issues. You can also upgrade your memory later in the future.

The 256GB NVMe solid-state drive is effective for storage. The choice of using SSD is good, but there are clear complaints about the volume of storage here. However, having an SSD completely changes the way you work. Everything you do on this laptop is faster because of SSD performance.

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